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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Awesome Test on the Awesome Day !


Thanks to Allah s.w.t. In one day, I got 2 awesome test ! And it was an awesome day for me today! hehe. For the first test, it was through ilearn at UiTM student portal, I just need to log in and then answer all the questions. There were 50 questions and should be answer within 45 minutes. I felt nervous because I am afraid I won't get answer all the questions in such short period of time but Alhamdulillah I answered it all together with my other 5 housemates hehe. Congratulations to everyone ! We have done a good job ! :)

What the most unexpected things was there was no timeline during the test. Before this, there was. But today, it was really awesome test you know ! Hahaha. So, we were freely to answered all the questions in any period of time. LOL. Good right? Hohohoho. At the end, after the test was been submitted, we got 46 over 50 ! Wow ! Really awesome. No ! Super awesome ! We are thankful to Allah s.w.t with His blessing today :)

Okayy for the 2nd test, we will have home test! Actually, Mr Fitri would like to give us manual test unfortunately yesterday's class got cancel so he decided to give us home test and do submit to him this coming Monday. Wow! Amazing right? Awesome too! hehehe. Now we are going to finish our home test, wish us good luck okayy! May Allah bless us always and give us success soon. Ameen~ :D
End with awesome day !

* Lots of love and big hugsss to the lecturers hehe *

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