Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Just update.

Assalam kawan2 !

Dari bulan 11 tahun lepas, baru hari ni dapat update blog. Ya Allah, rindu nak update blog. Rindu nak share macam2 kat sini tapi buat masa sekarang, masa memang limited. Just to update what is my current activity. I finished my Bachelor but still waiting for my big day (convocation). InshaAllah, bulan 5 nanti. Now, I'm studying in GCAP (Graduate Career Accelerated Program) kat Wisma Belia KL for 6 weeks. I have 3 weeks more to finish it. Pray for me kawan-kawan. Cepat2 dapat keje.. Ameen.. Anyway, jaga diri semua ! I will update more after this. InshaAllah..Stay reading my blog ok? Thank You and Sorry :)

* I love being here. I've got many new friends who are very kind and extremely amazing. Same goes to our trainer, Mr Prakash. I'm gonna miss them once I leave from here later. Hmmmm *