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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

dari TABAH menjadi LEMAH seketika.

Ya Allah, aku bersyukur kerana Engkau berikan aku ketabahan dan kekuatan dalam menghadapi dugaan ni. Entah kenapa hari ni hati aku terdetik browse nama someone. i meant him. him again. :'(
i really don't know why I should be like this. Aku berlakon buat tak tahu pape tentang die tapi pada hakikatnya aku nak jugak tahu ape yang die buat, anything about him. Hmmm.
Hari ni aku terbukak satu page atau blog yang mungkin dah lame sangat ditinggalkan. Dah luput kot. Ya Allah alangkah terkejutnya aku tengok page tu. Secara tiba2 aku gadis yang tabah menjadi lemah seketika. Sekali lagi dan entah ke berapa kali, aku menangis lagi.
Kenapa aku yang tabah menjadi lemah? Aku tak sepatutnya selongkar  kisah cinta lama orang lain. Tapi dah name blog, aku bace jugakk. Aku bace half of the entry. Yang buat aku terkejut, profile picture tu gambar die. Name blog name die walaupun bukan die pemilik sebenar blog tu. Rupenye, his ex :(
Aku amati setiap kata-kata yang pemilik blog tu tulis. Aku rase sedih. Sebak. Bile aku terbaca salah satu entry ni :

dear (ex die),(waalakumusalam)

is a time when i feel so empty without u in this very D***** place... I
can feel that only you can fill in the emptiness in my heart.(
same as me too)

I just feel so sad as I am apart from you starting from last semester. There is no one here understand me more than u could.(u too dear)

we hang around together, watching movies, eating popcorn, drinking,
walking, holding hand, teasing each other, i can feel the warmth of
your love penetrate into my soul...it is just a feeling of to love and
to be loved.(
love dat moments)

I could never imagine a life without you. this life in D***** has make me suffer without any joy from your side.
 I wish to have a life with you...holding your hand, my son's hands, my daughter's hands...we can make a very happy family. (we r hepi family,insyallah)

I hope at this point, you can and will understand I am putting all my
efforts to ensure my life with YOU becomes a reality. Being with you
even for a short period can bring me happiness for now instead of not
seeing you for 1 month.(
such a long time)

understand my position rite now. I am stuck in the middle of your
parents wants and my mom's wants...as a son, I got to make my mom
happy.at this point, you might see I am a bit selfish. I just want you
to understand, I really need your support as my future wife. I will do
anything as long as my children with you get enough food and clothing
and a comfortable shelter.

just want you to have faith in me...and rite now I am crying of what we
are undergo with our relationship.such a hard relationship which need
patience and faith...

love you more than you can imagine (his ex's name) more than words can
describe, more than eyes can observe, more that heart can feel...

If you feel that my presence in your life is a security, I can say that your love to me is also a security to me.

I feel sad, your pictures in my album become a cure...thank you for let
me be in your life.thank you for letting me try to give da best out of
me. and thank you for sharing your pure life with me. I will love you
and your family until my heart stops pumping, my blood stops moving,my
eyes are closing, my nose stop breathing.

Your future hubby,


father of sons and daughters

husband of a wife

son of a mother and father

slave of Allah

believer of Islam

follower of Muhammad S.A.W

*aku diam. terkedu. tiada kata dapat aku luahkan. aku yang tabah terus menjadi lemah. aku sudah tidak mampu lagi :'(

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